RSAA 2023 Alumni Reunion

Find everything you need below to sign up for the 87th RSAA Reunion August 4th and 5th, 2023.  

If you would like to sign up on line here’s how:

1.        Click the 2023 Reunion Reservation - Electronic Form (Ludus) tab below.

2.       Click on the green text: Friday August 4.  This brings you to a page where you can  register and make your choices for meals and tours. Note that we ask you to sign up for tours here, even if there is not a fee involved, as we need to keep track of numbers.

3.       Enter your payment information and you are set!  Note that all fees will have an additional charge added at the time of payment.

2023 Reunion Reservation - Electronic Form (Ludus):  2023 Reunion Registration Electronic Form »

2023 Reunion Reservation - Paper Form:  2023 Reunion Registration Paper Form »

2023 Reunion Dorm Room Reservation Form:  2023 Reunion Dorm Room Registration Form »

2023 Reunion Schedule of Events:  2023 Reunion Schedule of Events »