About the New York State Ranger School Alumni Association

The Ranger School Alumni Association (RSAA) was founded on August 25, 1928, and incorporated on November 29, 1960.

The primary purpose of the RSAA is to promote and assist the Ranger School, in the attainment of its educational objectives. The association also helps cultivate fellowship and foster cooperation among the alumni for the support of the Ranger School.

Since 1912, over 5000 people have attended the Ranger School. Of that number nearly 4000 have graduated to pursue careers in a variety of fields including forestry and surveying. Approximately 800 pay annual dues, or are life members. Many donate money for general purposes, scholarships and special projects. Last year the RSAA gave over $5000 in scholarships and awards to current ranger school students.

 The Association holds an annual reunion that boasts of over 300 people renewing old acquaintances, and making new friends, good food, and fun activities for all ages.  Scheduled events included in the past have been golf tournaments, seaplane rides, boat trips, and fun-runs. Families can also partake in canoeing, ball games, hikes, and woods walks. Some of the entertainment offered included slide shows, magic shows, clown with face painting, chainsaw carver, kayak lessons, a quilt show, and basket-weaving demonstration. At the end of the weekend, an award ceremony is followed by a raffle that raises money for general operating purposes.

 The Association publishes two newsletters a year, and an annual book with many members’ whereabouts and news, along with interesting articles and photographs.

 The Association also maintains and operates a seasonal house and an 8-site campground on the Oswegatchie River for its members' use for a minimal fee. A work weekend (which also becomes a very fun get together) is held at the end of April every year to help keep costs of repairs and maintenance to a minimum.

 Want to know more? Contact the Alumni Office at rangerschoolalumni@gmail.com